Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
Genealogy of the Herndon, Lindell, Fairbanks, and Bonnell families.
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Funeral Record of Robert Paul Herndon

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Source Information

  • Title Funeral Record of Robert Paul Herndon 
    Publisher Blytheville, Arkansas: Cobb Funeral Home, 1992 
    Event Date 15 Dec 1992 
    Event Location Blytheville, Mississippi County, Arkansas, United States 
    Source Type Vital Record 
    Endnote Reference Cobb-1992 
    Source Location Photocopy: William Robert Herndon 
    Source ID S262 
    Example [Cobb-1992] "Funeral Record of Robert Paul Herndon," Blytheville, Arkansas: Cobb Funeral Home, 1992. 
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