Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
Genealogy of the Lindell, Herndon, Bonnell, and Fairbanks families.

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Top 30 largest localities (total places):

United States (1,356)
United Kingdom (73)
Colony of Virginia (37)
Canada (31)
Australia (19)
Province of Massachusetts Bay (16)
Sweden (15)
Kingdom of Prussia (11)
Massachusetts Bay Colony (7)
South Carolina Colony (7)
Plymouth Colony (6)
England (6)
Denmark (6)
Great Britain (5)
Colony of Queensland (5)
Germany (5)
Maryland Colony (5)
Massachusetts Colony (4)
France (4)
Province of New Hampshire (4)
Prussia (3)
Swedish Pomerania (3)
Commonwealth of Massachusetts (2)
Tennessee Territory (2)
Danish West Indies (2)
Connecticut Colony (2)
Belgium (2)
North Carolina (2)
Maine Colony (1)
Province of North Carolina (1)
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