Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
Genealogy of the Lindell, Herndon, Bonnell, and Fairbanks families.
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Death Entry for Verna (Goree) Calhoun

Source Information

  • Title Death Entry for Verna (Goree) Calhoun 
    Publisher Find A Grave (, 2019 
    Medium Online 
    Event Location Fairview Cemetery, Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, United States 
    Source Type Compilation 
    Compilation Interment Records of Fairview Cemetery (Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma) 
    Endnote Reference Fairview-Cemetery-1992a 
    Source Location Transcription: William Robert Herndon 
    Source ID S1639 
    Example [Fairview-Cemetery-1992a] "Death Entry for Verna (Goree) Calhoun," Interment Records of Fairview Cemetery (Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma), Find A Grave (, 2019. 
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