Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
Genealogy of the Lindell, Herndon, Bonnell, and Fairbanks families.

George O Hightower and Austoria Langford Family

m. 30 Dec 1886

Family Chart 

Sarah Jane Bradley
Female (1840-1919)
Dr Vester Langford
Male (1871-1917)
Arberia Langford
Female (1873-1905)
Ledieu Langford
Female (1875- )
Aurora Langford
Female (1877-1921)
Thomas Langford
Male (1880-1950)
George O Hightower
Male (1867-1953)
Austoria Langford
Female (1869-1949)
Sarah Hightower
Female (1888- )
Earl Price Hightower
Male (1896-1990)
Ruby Hightower
Female (1898-1984)
Ruth Hightower
Female (1898-1900)
Henry W Hightower
Male (1900-1970)
W D Hightower
Male (1908- )
Joseph Hightower
Male (1909-1923)

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