Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
Genealogy of the Lindell, Herndon, Bonnell, and Fairbanks families.

Robert Paul Herndon and Elizabeth Marina Masten Family

m. 13 Apr 1932

Family Chart 

Robert Boyd HerndonRobert Boyd Herndon
Male (1886-1934)
Tennie May CalhounTennie May Calhoun
Female (1891-1977)
William Pryor HerndonWilliam Pryor Herndon
Male (1912-1995)
Merlin Douglas MastenMerlin Douglas Masten
Male (1887-1962)
Lois Miranda StilesLois Miranda Stiles
Female (1885-1975)
Lois Masten
Female (1912-1912)
Frank Douglas MastenFrank Douglas Masten
Male (1921-2002)
Robert Paul HerndonRobert Paul Herndon
Male (1909-1992)
William Cecil HerndonWilliam Cecil Herndon
Male (1932-2011)
Robert Frank Herndon
Male (1935-2012)

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