Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
Genealogy of the Herndon, Lindell, Fairbanks, and Bonnell families.
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Daniel Rufus Moorhead and Zilpha E Taylor Family

Family Chart 

Young Andrew Taylor
Male (1826-1899)
Martha McClure
Female (1840-1906)
Temple C Taylor
Male (1861-1924)
Younger A Taylor
Male (1863-1921)
Cora F Taylor
Female (1872-1908)
Ardella T Taylor
Female (1873-1957)
Lillie A Taylor
Female (1876-1879)
Andrew Whitman Taylor
Male (1878-1931)
Daniel Rufus Moorhead
Male (1870-1947)
Zilpha E Taylor
Female (1868-1931)